YDBC Newsletter for week ending April 5 2024

Hello & G’Day Wonderful YDBC Bowlers,

We are now well and truly into the off season of pennant Bowls.

Now that doesn’t mean the club has stopped functioning there is still plenty of action going on at the YDBC

Please check the club N0TICE Board on a regular basis, or contact club manager JohnHEND0Henderson for all updates on what is happening.

*** From next Friday April 5 T0P operators Barry Gartell & Paul Hunter will commence the popular weekly 2x4x2 pairs. 
This off-season it will be mixed agenda so everyone is welcome; Now my friends please check the Notice Board regularly and enter for next Friday.

In addition, Saturday 2x4x2 mixed pairs is up and going!  

                                    *** NOTE ***  

Tuesday April 2 all members & friends are again invited to join in & play our weekly LOTTO ($$$) bowls at the normal time 2 for 2:30pm game on.

After the game, we will have a presentation and a few drinks to share with everyone what a fantastic bowler you are Haah! 

From: Richard Heslop <The~0rganiser>  Yokine Districts Bowls Club Results from Tuesday March 26 L0TT0 ($$$) Bowls results any gender 2x4x2

  1. Col Guelfi  Lisa Auerbach. W0W ! What an amazing return to Bowls for Lisa! 

        I bet Gail Richardson is getting onto Lisa to C0Nvince her to return to pennant Bowls next season.  

  1. Dot Walling  Dave Jarvis
  2. Ken Walling  Dave Crawford

After each our weekly LOTTO ($$$) bowls games you are invited to enjoy a drink of your choice.

There is a presentation of great awards which is usually Chocolates!
It’s a nice way to hone your Bowling skills, have fun & maybe join in the BIG L0TT0 ($$$) win that is coming our way!
The costs are $5:00 per player and it’ drawn 2x4x2 mixed pairs.
$3:00 goes to the Green fees $2:00 towards our future BIG L0TT0 ($$$) win.


 Saturday’s) 2x4x2 results.

Winner:     Paul ‘Rooboy’Hunter –  Barry ‘BAZZA’ Gartrell

Runner up: The Pres John McGrath   –  Garry Robertson

3rd:              Hendo  –   Stan ‘Peter‘ Woodley

Plate         Nev ‘Dunsborough’   –   SteveThe Bean Counter
It was nice seeing Life member Stan ‘Peter’ Woodley join his punting mate Hendo to play last Saturday!

Cheers, Barry ‘BAZZA’


        *** A VIP BBQ INVITATION ***

A special BBQ is to be conducted @ the Yokine Districts Bowls Club on Tuesday
April 16 after our weekly game. The invitation is extended to all who have played since we commenced L0TT0 ($$$) Bowls.
We have put a list on the club N0TICE B0ARD so we can cater for the function. Club stalwart Margret Rigali has volunteered to assist with the catering. So jump to it, put the date in your diary then turn up and help celebrate a fun time. 

You all might play a game before the BBQ.
I feel a BIG 
L0TT0 ($$$) win is just around the corner.
We all know, one has got to have dreams.

        *** Get Well Quick ***

CRACKER” Jack Faigenbaum is on the improve. 

Now to make him feel better he requires the West Coast Eagles to provide him with a win.

Brian ‘CASSIUS‘ Clay is still struggling. If anyone living in the Yokine area can give him a lift to Tuesday’s games, please let’s know.  

Ray Hutchinson slowly getting on top of his health problems.

Yes Ray is still determined to commence playing Saturday 2x4x2 pairs games during the winter with his long-time mate Paul ‘SMILEY’ Loveland.

FIERY” FRED Faigenbaum is still receiving regular CHEMO treatment.

Steve ‘TAXI’ Richards hurt his knee & was unable to play L0TT0 ($$$) Bowls last week. However the BIG man assures me he’ll be in action next Tuesday.

BillThe Member for Mullet HaircutsMorrison is going through a tough time with his Parkinsons.

Bill informed me that next season he will try to play as many games as he can, however his health problem is progressively getting worse.

In addition to that Bill is trying to get over his near death experience when he was attacked by a hammer in his house.

Brad Morrison is still on the slow road to recovery after major surgery.

To Paul Kelly and all other members not feeling well we wish you all a speedy recovery.

 Con “Mr Speedway” Migro, Menora


PS      Remember to toast the end of each day with your partner or friend with a glass of your favourite wine or Beer!

PPS     People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones!

PPPS    Start each day with Gratitude.

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